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About me

Photography is a dream job for me!  I've loved all things creative for as long as I can remember.  I'd taken photography classes here and there but it wasn't until after we brought our son home in 2004 that I became a student of the art, reading everything I could get my hands on and talking to anyone who would talk to me about it.

After enjoying a successful 13 year career in Marketing for a major publishing company, I found myself wanting to take on the role of the creative vendors I was hiring.  I took the leap and left the corporate world to pursue some exciting design opportunities.  It was then that photography and documenting my own child's life through pictures became an addiction, a passion that I love to share with others.

As a Mom of two, I know how quickly time passes and how those memories we think we'll remember forever quickly fade over time.  Being behind the camera capturing moments of your lives, then coming home and creating pieces of art that will tell your story for generations to come has been such an incredible experience.  Every client, every session is different and unique so this job never grows old!

My most important job, however, is right here at home.  I'm a wife to an amazingly supportive husband (I should write that twice!), and an adoptive mom to two beautiful kids, Brendan (7) and Kyra (3), who keep me running but I wouldn't change a thing.  I'm also a daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend and neighbor, not always in that order but all major roles that make my life feel complete.


Meet Shilo!  He’s a 3 month old, English Bulldog who came to our good friends from a wonderful breeder in Philly who they found through the MidAtlantic Bulldog Rescue.  Shilo’s dad is a “Best-in-Breed” Show Dog but as impressive as that is, what matters most is that his parents are strong, thriving purebred bullies; which means that Shilo’s got a great chance of living a long, healthy life himself.  It was love at first sight for this family and now that my kids have met the new prince, they can’t stop asking when we’re finally getting OUR dog.  Pete and I are running out of excuses after 3 years and the pressure is turning up more and more by the week. We shall see.  In the meantime, we’ll all enjoy a little Shilo time!




sledfest 2010

Brendan and Pete headed out early after having discovered the sweet spot for sledding the day before in our massive front yard.  It seems funny even calling it a “yard”, anything but “property” doesn’t seem an expansive enough of a term.  I miss our old yard … closer to the street, closer to neighbors, a more cozy, connected feeling to the neighborhood in general.  But that’s for another post!  Anyway, with a little help from Dan next door, they were able to create THE best sledding track yet and once it was done, Brendan came running in for me to call all the kids over.  Pete simply said “Build it and they will come.”  And they did.  And it was a blast!  Later named SledFest 2010, here are some highlights.  It’s days like this that make me feel better and better about our new ‘hood! 🙂




Things even got a little extreme at one point!




Baking with the kids

The kids and I had so much fun baking (and eating, ahem) like maniacs in preparation for a house full this Christmas! 🙂




we did it! { hudson valley family photographer }

We pulled it off!  A huge high five to Mom for finding all ways here, there, and in between to keep these boys going on this freezing C.O.L.D day.  Between my (bad) jokes, bribery, and the trains, we captured some amazing shots for very last minute holiday cards (ahem!) as well as a rockin’ wall collage that is already up in Mom’s new place! Thankfully Dad was able to join us before hopping a train back to the city.

This family is near and dear to me in so many ways.  Mom is an incredibly talented artist and the kind of friend that is with you for life … no matter what.  Her boys came to her in one of the most inspiring adoption stories I’ve heard (and trust me, I’ve heard many).  Dad is a well respected physical therapist in the area who worked long nights right from the beginning so that he could live his dream of being a stay-at-home Dad.  Mom and Dad’s marriage dissolved a few years ago, but to look at this family of four (yes, they still consider themselves a family), you’d never know it.  They remain the best of friends whose commitment to co-parenting their children is unending.  The happiness that each of them has found separately has without a doubt breathed new life into this family.  I have so much admiration for them all and how lucky I am to be able to capture these moments in time for them.








what’s important { hudson valley family photographer }

This session was a long time coming and well worth the wait!  Having lost her father a little over a year ago, and realizing there are so few photos of him, Adele is determined to not let that happen to her and her family.  It’s often tough being on the other side of the camera, I know I hate it.  There’s barely one or two pictures of myself that I actually like, if that.  So I give Adele so much credit for making this a priority, especially as this creative powerhouse balances life at home as wife, mom, daughter and life in the corporate world as co-owner of Parise Marketing Group.  Adele is beauty inside and out and that exudes throughout her family!

We met at her Mom’s house and I had arrived a few minutes early to walk around the property before starting our session.  It was late in the season and most of the trees had already lost their leaves, much of the color was already gone.  But you could feel the presence of her Dad through all the details, the care and hard work he had obviously put into the property over the years.  The beautiful tall trees out back brought an early shadow and it got real cold, real quick.  We didn’t have a chance to get to the Harley in the garage I was hoping to pull out or the tractor I’m sure the kids would have loved playing on while I snapped a bunch of photos.  But we captured what was important to Adele … the people, the family, the moments, just being.










l’il c is 3 months { hudson valley child photographer }

It’s hard to believe it’s been 3 months already since this little sweetie was welcomed into the world (and into our neighborhood)!  I was out of town for Spring Break and couldn’t get home fast enough to capture all that newborn goodness.  Well, let me tell you, the goodness got even better.  Look at this beauty … bubbles and all!  Blue eyes like no one’s business and smiles so big I actually had to put the camera down a couple times just to play.  Yes, she is really that sweet!



This is the family’s baptism gown.  It’s an amazing heirloom actually, having been handed down for every baptism on Dad’s side.  The name of every child baptized in the gown is embroidered on the gown itself.  Dad’s name is actually on this very same gown she is going to wear, alongside all her Aunts, Uncles, and cousins.  How incredibly special, there are not even words.  I just love that!




liam { hudson valley newborn photographer }

When Mom first contacted me to book a newborn session, her son was already 10 days old and I had no open times remaining, not even for a squeeze in!  I offered to refer her to another photographer but after much back and forth and dodging what seemed like everything that could get in the way, I finally met Liam on his 23rd day for a very brief time.  Way too short to be honest!  As you’ll see, he was well worth the wait!  He didn’t sleep a wink for me but not one complaint until right when we were wrapping up.  We couldn’t have timed it any better!  I’ve said it over and over but thanks again to Mom for being so welcoming and accommodating.  We had never met before and it was truly an honor that she chose to wait for me.  A shout out to Lauren for the referral.  You guys know I love a good referral! 😉





silly sisters { hudson valley child photographer }

Hands down, this CT family was one of my favorite sessions this year!  I can’t say it was the most relaxing session because these girls kept me on my toes.  Not only were they full of energy but had lots of great ideas for funky poses and where we should head to next.  I loved every minute of it!  Mom is an amazingly talented graphic designer and I always love shooting fellow artists, they just relax and trust the process.  She contacted me after a referral from a photographer in NJ who was booked.  Thanks Deanna Ryan Photography!  The point of the session was to capture something for use in a holiday card but I’m happy they wound up with much more! 😉



I seriously wanted to take her home with me, so full of personality!


Deanna Ryan - Hi Traci- so happy to refer anyone to you in your neck of the woods! No doubt them loved them, you did such an amazing job! Your blog looks great. Any family that works with you is so lucky because you capture the true essence of what family is all about, love, joy and fun! All the best- Deanna Ryan

G family { hudson valley family photographer }

I was so happy to finally have the chance to spend a late afternoon with this busy family!  We had to move schedules around a bit as rain was in the forecast but it all worked out and we had a nice relaxing time walking and playing along the grounds.  Mom is ordering a large canvas of the last family shot below and I can’t wait to see it! 🙂





And I had to include this last one because my son continuously wants to look at it, lol!  He and Miss A went to kindergarten together and he was quite smitten to say the least.  I can see why, after spending some time with her.  She is beautiful and an amazing personality to boot!


laura { plattsburgh senior photographer }

My beautiful cousin, Laura, asked me for a senior session up in Plattsburgh.  It was fun capturing all sides of this teen’s personality!  I had a blast checking out this new location and could have shot for another hour if the weather would’ve held up.  Laura was a trooper though, pouring rain and she kept going for a good half hour.  Love that!