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About me

Photography is a dream job for me!  I've loved all things creative for as long as I can remember.  I'd taken photography classes here and there but it wasn't until after we brought our son home in 2004 that I became a student of the art, reading everything I could get my hands on and talking to anyone who would talk to me about it.

After enjoying a successful 13 year career in Marketing for a major publishing company, I found myself wanting to take on the role of the creative vendors I was hiring.  I took the leap and left the corporate world to pursue some exciting design opportunities.  It was then that photography and documenting my own child's life through pictures became an addiction, a passion that I love to share with others.

As a Mom of two, I know how quickly time passes and how those memories we think we'll remember forever quickly fade over time.  Being behind the camera capturing moments of your lives, then coming home and creating pieces of art that will tell your story for generations to come has been such an incredible experience.  Every client, every session is different and unique so this job never grows old!

My most important job, however, is right here at home.  I'm a wife to an amazingly supportive husband (I should write that twice!), and an adoptive mom to two beautiful kids, Brendan (7) and Kyra (3), who keep me running but I wouldn't change a thing.  I'm also a daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend and neighbor, not always in that order but all major roles that make my life feel complete.

Just a little test { Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer }

I Heart Faces: Best Face 2011

Happy New Year! I’m hoping to jump back into blogging and having fun with I Heart Faces this year. And what better way to start than this week’s Best Face of 2011! This is my daughter, Kyra, on our front porch in New York with a whiteout from the freak October snowstorm we like to call “Octsnowber” as a backdrop. I’m sure there is going to be lots of eye candy over at I Heart Faces this week so be sure to head on over and check it out! 🙂



by traci

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Leyla - Love it!

Stacey - Total City Girl - Visiting from ihf - BEAUTIFUL photo!! Love bXw and the contrast of the soft background to the fluffy scarf.

Leilani - So pretty! I love the B&W and such great DOF!

Kaily Fitzgerald - What a gorgous pic and little girl!

Mandy - This photo is gorgeous! I've enjoyed browsing your blog and seeing more of your work, you're very talented!

Lolo - This is so STUNNING! I love her amazing eyes!

Julie - Loves it!

Dana Suggs - Snow is a COMMON thread this week (hoping it bodes well for my state! LOL). Stunning image and I LOVE the conversion!

Jackie Jean - She has BEAUTIFUL eyes!

PetinaHope - So pretty!!

Krysta - Beautiful. The OctSNOWber backdrop is perfect - and I love the B&W conversion.

Jess - Truly beautiful, great job!


CallieMarie - So beautiful!

Glenda - gorgeous girl...gorgeous photo!

Jeni - I love the expression on her face. So cute!

i heart faces: the eyes have it

I’m really looking forward to checking out all the entries for this week’s theme, “the eyes have it” over at I Heart Faces! When I saw the theme this week, I knew exactly what photo I was going to post. This is one of my all time favorite images of my daughter. Not only does it highlight her beautiful baby blues but her expression completely captures her little big personality. ♥ her!



by traci

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dreamalittle - She has the prettiest shade of blue eyes!

Lauren Caillouet - wow! They look almost turqouise! Beautiful!

Lindsay - Wow! What an amazing color in those eyes. I used to wear contacts to get that blue but she has them naturally. So pretty!

Michelle R Photography - Wow - the colors in her eyes are gorgeous and amazing!!! Love this shot!!

Taylor - Amazing!

Leyla - Love the clarity on this photo! What a pretty little girl!

Robyn - Oh wow, BEAUTIFUL!!!! :)

Stacey - Gorgeous shot! Beautiful subject :-)

Cassie Johnson - A very beautiful photograph.

Dana W. - What pretty eyes! Great shot!

Nela - Gorgeous eyes and smile! :)

Tami - She has "smiling eyes". I love it!

Jill C. - Absolutely stunning...her eyes are a great color!

Holly - Wow - gorgeous!!

Sheri - Those are truly amazing, beautiful eyes!

Allix B. - All cliches aside...this is stunning. Wow!

Paige - So gorgeous! She is too sweet, and those eyes!! :) Love the crop of the image as well.

Rachel - So very beautiful! What a precious capture!

Jessica N - If this doesn't win I don't know what will. Amazing.

Ashlee - Those truly are some beautiful eyes!

Kristin Wilkerson - Oh my! I'm finding you on facebook. You have some amazing work. I thought your entry was your banner at first and I was blown away...then I scrolled down and blown away again. Great work!

meg p - beautiful shot! her eyes are amazing...and you're right - the simplicity of this picture shows a ton of personality!

Missy Wuertz - really nice, very pretty...great shot!

brooke - I have never seen eyes this color. They are absolutely GORGEOUS!! Beautiful picture!

Meghan Rickard - Amazing capture! Great detail!!

Elle - She is adorable!!! Beautiful, beautiful eyes :)

Daniela - Goooorgeous eyes and a beautiful shot! :)

tara on the wander - those blues are breathtaking!

i heart faces: friendships

This week’s theme over at I Heart Faces is Friendships.  I wasn’t going to play this week because I’m just coming off an obsessive weekend of party planning for my 4 year old’s Enchanted Fairy birthday party.  Then I stumbled across this photo of my 7 year old and his buddies at a recent sleepover.  This is a nice break from the girlie stuff I’m editing and the image totally cracks me up with all the different expressions!  I’ve heard it said that with 3 or more at this age, there’s bound to be problems but it’s amazing to watch these guys play together.  They have lots of similar interests but is each his own man.  There’s respect among them already and they genuinely enjoy every minute of each other’s company.  I feel lucky my son is a part of this crew and even luckier that all the parents get along just as famously.  To friendships … young and old!  🙂


Go check out more friendship photos at I Heart Faces!


by traci

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amalie - Your work is amazing !

Taryn Yager - wow, how fun and what a great picture for them to look back on :)

Joni - i can't decide whose expression makes me laugh the most. i absolutely LOVE this photo. it makes me think of something i would have seen in the back of my high school yearbook years ago. right beside the recent photo of the same group. the photo of the group of boys who have been friends through the years. such a priceless photo.

Cassie Johnson - This is great. I hope they all made it through the night in the tents.

Skeller - yay for boys who are buddies!!!

Simple Girl - What a great crowd! The different expressions definitely makes the photo!

Life with Kaishon - Oh my goodness. They are so cute. I can just imagine the fun they had at their sleepover : ) Too cute!

teachinfourth - Wow, but you've got a whole lot of personalities going on here, don't you? I love how each seems to have his own 'style' and you can really see the type of kid he just might be in this capture.

CallieMarie - I love all the different expressions--cracks me up! Great photo!

buckeroomama - It would be so cool if they could have a similar photo taken each year! Wonderful shot! :)

julie @ MGiM - Aren't boys fun! I have a 7-year-old too... there's a new laugh every day! I'm impressed that you got all those boys to stand in a straight line and look forward! :)

Erica - Lots of great friends, having lots of fun too!

the “r” family {hudson valley family photographer}

This was the second time I’ve been this family’s photographer and to me, there is no better compliment than that.  Well, that and a good referral but you get the idea.  I was disappointed when the weather didn’t cooperate on our originally scheduled date but, as usual, I was reminded everything happens for a reason because when we finally did meet up this Spring, these kids were the bomb!  Does anyone even say that anymore?  😉

Choosing images from my time with this family was hard!  I always try to narrow images selected for blog posts down to a few but I rarely manage to do that.  I typically use images my clients have expressed they love or ones I really like for some reason.  I’ll be honest, my favorites are not always those of my clients.  In fact, most often they’re not.  These girls kept me moving but we managed to capture some goodies so here’s a bunch to check out and decide for yourself.



It’s hard to believe that this little guy looked like THIS just 7 months ago!





Thank you all for another wonderful session!

Jackie Jean - sweet family :-) love the first shot!

Ang - I know you warn against it, but I want my kids in white for our next session! I love these!!!

jessie bennett - Nice as usual Traci!

Maggie - gorgeous images!

the “c” family {hudson valley family photographer}

I received an email from this Mom last year after she saw the newborn session I had done for a friend of hers.  I was thrilled to hear her excitement about scheduling a session for her own family but disappointed we couldn’t make it work in the Fall!  We finally met up this Spring with big plans to meet at a great park she frequents with the kids.  But when we arrived, the park was closed.  No problem!  We just drove across the street to an open field, a barn, and beautiful light.  Locations are very important, don’t get me wrong, but it’s the personalities and connections of the people I photograph that I really try to capture.  I love working with families who are willing to open up in front of the camera, to play with their kids and show affection for one another as they would if I weren’t there.  This family brought it!  I loved every second of working with them and I hope I have the chance to do so again.









Thank you, C family, for one of my favorite sessions this Spring!

Ang - ... then again brown is pretty nice. :)

Bari Baskin - Absolutely gorgeous images Traci!!!

the boer family {hudson valley family photographer}

I remember the day I saw this family from across the street in my old ‘hood, each wearing a different bright colored shirt, and thinking what a perfect outfit for a family session!  Of course I later told that to Mom and we tossed the idea of family photos around here and there but busy schedules worked against us.  We left town not long after that but kept in touch.  We finally had the chance to make this happen and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect as this family has a lot to celebrate!


Mom recently graduated from the Dutchess Community College Nursing Program, Class of 2011 and made the Dean’s List.  She is a proud mother of two wonderful boys and dedicated to autism awareness for the community.  Dad has lost over 60 pounds … yes, sixty!  He is a triathlon athlete, actively raising money for Autism Speaks at the same time.  “Every dollar that is raised in support of my challenge, is in the hopes that one less family will face that challenges that are my reality. I do this not just for my kids, but for everybody’s kids.”  Be sure to check out his link above.




I’ll admit I was very anxious about this session.  I knew going in it might be difficult getting smiles and I really wanted to capture the connections between this awesome family.  We were unsure about location as well.  We wanted a place with interest that would allow the freedom for exploration but also keep everyone where they needed to be.  Turns out it was a lot of fun and it was so great to see them all together again.  But don’t be fooled, these boys made me work for it!  I think Dad was a little worn out by the end as well.  😉



Good luck on your boards next week, Ritzel!

jessie bennett - such great light on these Traci. Very pretty

i heart faces: bright and vivid

When I saw a post from I Heart Faces pop into Facebook announcing this week’s theme of “bright and vivid”,  I immediately thought of this recent image of my own kids from our very first trip to Disney!  This was taken outside our hotel and I love that bright color!  I also love how this image so perfectly reflects the individual personality of each of them.  Go check out more bright and vivid photos over at I Heart Faces … I’m sure there’s going to be lots of eye candy there over the next couple of days!  🙂



by traci

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Candy - Love it!! Your picture is totally VIVID :) Your children make the picture though...very cute!!!

Anne U - Wow, those colors are definitely bright and vivid, love it.

Casey - Love this image!! The little boy's expression cracks me up!! Too cute.

Tracy P. - I love the simplicity of it! Very fun!

Kristen Johnson - Love the green background! Definitely bright and vivid!

Jaymi - LOVE this, so sweet!

Bari Baskin - That is most definitely bright and vivid! What a sweet shot!

Melisa Draper Photography - Love this! Super cute. I really love the green wall!

Andrea - Great color and lighting!

Sarah SB - just gorgeous!! love the green wall!

Heather Nan - So adorable! Your getting some lovely reflection from somewhere here... great exposure and white balance with such a green wall!

Kel - Wow! That wall is bright!! I love the colour and the kids are adorable!!

pre-prom fun

I was excited when my brother asked if I could come home to take pictures of my nephew, Justin, before his prom!  It’s always fun seeing first hand how prom attire changes from year to year but also stays the same in many ways.  I knew Kyra would love seeing all the girls in their pretty gowns, looking like princesses, and Brendan would think the tuxes were really cool, of course.

If you know anyone up in that area, you know they’ve been dealing with rain almost every day, flooding, road closures, and lots of damage along Lake Champlain.  It’s a real mess!  But the rain held out and the kids had a beautiful day to enjoy all the pre and post prom events!

Justin and his date, Lorena, looked amazing in red.


And their friends looked stylin’ too!  I am in love with that pewter dress.  I have to give huge props to the kids and all their families who gathered and followed us without complaint as we strutted, vogued, jumped, and laughed a ton while I dragged them over stairs, grass, mud, and even stopping traffic in the street with a little Abbey Road reference. 😉  No dress or shoes were harmed in the making of these peeks.


Thanks for letting me hang out with you all, it was a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoyed your big night!


Ang - These kids have no idea how lucky they are to have these pics. EVERY prom pic I've ever seen is in front of a fireplace in the living room. These kids look like a new NBC show premiering this fall about graduating high school. So fun!

jessie bennett - always a pleasure to look at your photographs. I have a prom in 2 weeks and cant wait!

I Love Creative People!

Hello abandoned blog!

I’ve been so busy with the family, school, sports, the house, the yard, and taking on a number of limited sessions that I haven’t had much time for blogging.  However, I was recently turned on to a lovely artist, LeAnne at Fritts Creative.  She creates name frames and word plates with photos and they are fabulous!  I recently received my name plate and am so happy with it, I wanted to share!


Pretty awesome isn’t it?  LeAnne has so many letter options to choose from whether you like black and white or color.  I wanted color because, as most of you know, I’m struggling to really make our “new” house warm and homey.  We hung it in our front entry and everyone who comes in raves about it.  We love it!


Each word plate is made with individual 4″x6″ prints framed under glass and adhered to a sturdy backing.  You can be as creative as you want because the word plate can be as many letters as you desire.  I really love how LeAnne thought of every detail … not only does the word plate come ready to hang, but she also includes a soft protector below the hanging piece to protect your wall.


LeAnne was so easy to work with and super fast!  I had my name plate just a few days after placing my order, and that included approving a proof.  I’m already thinking of all kinds of great gifts these would make … graduation, birthday, house warming, anniversary.  Speaking of anniversary, it gets better…

LeAnne is currently celebrating her anniversary and is giving away a 10″x20″ name frame!  All you need to do is “like” Fritts Creative on Facebook and wish her a happy anniversary before 10pm (EST) on May 19th.  It’s that easy!  So what are you waiting for?  Go check her out, leave her some love, and be sure to tell her I sent you.  😉

Happy Spring everyone!

Ang - I'm def going to do this!